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Perk Up! The Top Home Amenities of 2015


Dorothy Hong/The Wall Street Journal

They call it the amenities arms’ race: The drive among real-estate developers (and, increasingly, private homeowners) to equip their properties with ever more opulent and unpredictable features. For developers, the goal is to woo a wealthy clientele. For homeowners, it is to maximize enjoyment—and resale value.

Here, a roundup of some of the more memorable amenities to appear in the pages of Mansion this year, plus seven unique homes we covered in 2015.

Garage turntables

Sports car on a spinner.

Sandy Huffaker/The Wall Street Journal

Sports car on a spinner.

Car turntables, a fixture of car shows and dealer showrooms, are the shiny new toys of prestige real estate. Developers of luxury properties are installing electronic car turners both for the wow factor and for their practical advantages in tightly designed lots with narrow driveways or limited turnaround space. Read more: Garage Turntables Take Your Car for a Spin



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